We are an English Speaking church
located in Surabaya, Indonesia

ICA is short for International Christian Assembly. We are an Indonesian Assembly of God church or Gereja Sidang Jemaat Allah (GSJA).
Our church is open to all regardless of age, marital status, color, nationality, belief, or creed.

On normal Sundays, we have services at 8:00AM and 10:00AM at both of our church Campus
at the western and eastern part of the City of Surabaya.

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ICA is a mission church and we are doing it across Indonesia by planting churches and communities where God is the leader. Throughout the year, we have Building Missions, Medical Missions, Sunday School Outreach, and Worship Missions sent from our church and manned by our congregation.

Social Ministry

ICA Social Ministry is here to answer God’s call to raise up Godly leaders in teens from impoverished communities around Surabaya, so that they in turn can impact their own communities towards pursuing uplifting changes. Join us as we Discover, Develop, and Celebrate these teens and their talents, and empower them to Recover, Restore, and Reconcile their own communities.


ICA Kids are raising children who love Jesus and people alongside parents. Through fun environment, we help the children learn about the Bible, praise & worship, and learn to value and reach the lost in hope that they will grow as generation that loves Jesus and people.


ICA Youth is a community for teenagers (13- 19 years old) at ICA. Activities include sports nights, worship nights, game nights, youth conferences, youth camps, and more. Here, teens will have the chance to grow in relationship with God, build friendships, be mentored by leaders, and have a lot of fun.


The worship ministry exist because we desire to please God. Everything should be centered in Him, for Him and through Him. ICA Music Department invites you to worship together and be a part of our team. We are looking for people who share the same values.


Relationships are the circulatory system of the body of Christ. When we are connected to each other, Christ’s life flows to us and through us—transforming our heart, mind and soul from the inside out. Groups are an intrinsic part of ICA to get connected and serve each other.

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