Updated: 01 November 2021

ICA will serve our community with both in-person and online services. We will conduct in person services for those who are willing and able to come.

For those who are not willing or able to come, we will still post both Bahasa language and English language services online.

We will have services every week in both our East and West campuses. The initial service schedule is as follows:

  • - 8:00 a.m. in-person service in Bahasa Indonesia at ICA East and ICA West.
  • - 10:00 a.m. in-person service in English at ICA East and ICA West.

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What about people who can't come to ICA?

The Indonesian and English services will be recorded, edited and uploaded for our online services as follows:

  • - 8:00 a.m. ICA Online service in Bahasa Indonesia
  • - 10:00 a.m. ICA Online service in English

You can check it on YOUTUBE and CHURCH ONLINE or through your Church Center App, available on Android and iOS Smartphones.

Live Ready for changes to our online services.

Remember, online services times are still available at the times above from now on until further notice. Please bookmark and check back to this page for more information in the future.

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Who can come to our in person gatherings?

  • - People willing to assume the risk of possibly contracting COVID. We cannot eliminate the risks entirely. If people do not feel comfortable with the risks or the environment; you are welcome to stay home and watch the service online; this is why we have an online service.
  • - People who are healthy and not showing any symptoms of sickness are free to come. If you are sick at all, even if it's not COVID, please don’t come.
  • - We will require temperature checks, masks, hand washing with sanitizer, and social distancing in the building.
  • - Some of our Staff and Pastoral team have already gotten their vaccination shots. Many of our staff are either signed up or in the process of being vaccinated right now. This process is ongoing.

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What about age restrictions?

    • If you are between the ages of 10 and 60, you are welcomed to come.
  • - There will not be any in-person children’s ministry at either East or West campuses. Please keep them home and attend ICA Kids online. ICA Youth, FNL and ICA Kids are planning to be online until conditions and regulations allow.
  • - Children will not be allowed to stay in the lobby while their parents attend church.

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What will change?

We are now taking attendance to help with contact tracing and comply with regulations.

Attendance will require fast-track online pre-registration for regular attendees. We will also have registration at the door for guests, but the check-in process may take some time. If you have problem with your present attendance being taken, we suggest you to watch our online services instead.

This will be done through a mobile application. To attend in-person services, you need to :

  1. - Download the Church Center App through the App Store or Google Play.
  2. - Find our church "ICA Surabaya" (choose which campus you regularly go to) to begin and start by completing your online profile.
  3. - There will be specific instructions on the application for check in and registrations prior to reopening.
  4. - If you are new to ICA, please come to one of our campuses and we will register for your first week. We will need a government issued ID visual check to verify that the information you give us is correct and true
  5. - For ICA East attendees ONLY, you will need to use the Peduli Lindungi app when you come to ICA through the mall as they are required to do so. If you are not registered using the Peduli Lindungi app, you are welcome to come to our West Campus. We will still take attendance using Church Center
  1. 1. We will use the Church Center app for pre-registration check in for in-person services.
  2. 2. We can also use it to sign up for any number of different ICA activities.
  3. 3. It will help small groups to organize and communicate (small group leaders will be trained separately)

The idea is to have a one-stop location for everything ICA; announcements, calendar of events, social media, signing up for activities, a connection for online services and other content. There will be more information to come regarding the Church Center App.

We are currently working on the online registration process. The goal is that pre-registration online will get you into the building quickly. If you show up without pre-registration, you can still register, but processing at the door will take longer to get in. We will communicate how to register in the future through social media and there will be special videos about how to register and what to expect when you come.

For now; Live Ready!

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Health Protocols

There will be additional cleaning staff in bathrooms and we are working on no-touch upgrades for all our bathrooms. Also, there will be sanitation of toilets between services.

We are also disinfecting the Sanctuary between each services to help sanitize your in-person experience.

ICA requires masks to be worn inside our facilities, pre-entry body temperature checks, and we practice social distancing in socializing and queueing with as little physical contact as necessary.

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In-person capacity limits

We will limit the number of people in our sanctuaries. If we go over that limit, we will put overflow into our MPR rooms in ICA East and West with a video feed to the service, or put you in the next service. As we add more people, and as conditions allow, we will once again add the 9:15 a.m. English services (East and West) into the schedule.

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What are the keys to success?

  • 1. Whether you are online or in person; We must Live Ready to change our behavior patterns and adapt.
  • 2. Everything we are talking about requires volunteers. Our paid staff are up for taking the risks to serve our people in person; but we still need volunteers to run check in and registration, play instruments, check temperatures, run additional video cameras, run lighting, run two sound boards, greeting and seating people, provide additional security; all of it requires volunteers. People are going to come. We need volunteers to be able to pull this off. Please talk to Pastor Afong East or Pastor Bebe in the West if you are interested in volunteering. Go to our volunteer sign up page if you are interested in helping us out.
  • 3. In some ways it's like we are starting ICA all over again. We need the Lord’s help to be ready. Please pray for ICA.

We are constantly monitoring the overall decision to open or not. We are watching our ability to control the risks at an acceptable level. We have to consider what the regulations allow us to do and adapt to regulations that are changing. We are watching the impact of the Idul fitri holiday exposure and travel on infection rates. We will not hesitate to change the date of opening if we believe it is not a good decision.

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Final Word

ICA, we are not able to address every concern people might have. We will not be able to eliminate risk; we can only do our best to manage risks. At some point, we have to pick our course of action, our starting point, and go with it. ICA is committed to adapting and improving week by week along the way.

ICA continues to offer online ministry for your children, ministry for your teens, ministry for young adults, a prayer service on a weekly basis, Sunday messages in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, and various GO groups for bible study and community. We continue to respond to the needs of our community and nation through ICA Social Ministry and ICA Missions.

ICA, Live Ready to Love God, Love People, Grow in Faith, Make disciples… in-person.

See you soon.

Pastor John Taylor