ICA Surabaya Sermons - Faith and Science

by International Christian Assembly Surabaya

"The created universe, the natural order leads us to a revelation of the glory and wonder of God". How can this be? The world teaches us that Science and Faith is completely opposite of each other. Is this true? This new series Faith and Science explore whether or not both of them can exist together. This next several weeks we will find out together.

Previous Podcasts


By John Taylor | 2019-11-10 | East Campus | 09:15 Length: 50:21 | Series: Faith and Science


By John Taylor | 2019-11-03 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 58:29 | Series: Faith and Science


By John Taylor | 2019-10-27 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 57:45 | Series: Faith and Science


By John Taylor | 2019-10-20 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 50:06 | Series: Faith and Science