ICA Surabaya Sermons - The Apprentice

by International Christian Assembly Surabaya

This series will investigate the ministry of Timothy, who will learn about common problems in a church in Ephesus. Many of these problems plague us even to this day and can become a trap for a good church. We are starting a new series based on the book of Timothy called "The Apprentice" (no, not that one). This is a 5 part series based on the life of Timothy who work with the Apostle Paul.

Previous Podcasts

Living Well in Difficult Times

By Christian Lindbeck | 2017-07-23 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 51:31 | Series: The Apprentice

Dungeons and Persecutions

By Antony Laksmono | 2017-07-16 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 1:01:37 | Series: The Apprentice

Paul’s Advice for Church Family

By John Taylor | 2017-07-09 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 1:05:45 | Series: The Apprentice

Paul's List of Leadership Qualities

By John Taylor | 2017-07-02 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 1:02:25 | Series: The Apprentice

It's a Trap

By John Taylor | 2017-06-25 | West Campus | 11:00 Length: 1:07:11 | Series: The Apprentice