ICA Surabaya Sermons - Life Verses

by International Christian Assembly Surabaya

What is you Life Verse? What has God spoken into your life? Do you have a life verse? Every individual impacted by the Word of God can flourish and these life verse is the foundation of our spiritual life. We explore things in the bible about these life verses and it starts with the Word of God, and will never go against it.

Previous Podcasts

Love So Much

By Thad Huff | 2019-08-11 | East Campus | 11:00 Length: 42:36 | Series: Life Verses


By Ardo Kariodimedjo | 2019-08-04 | East Campus | 09:15 Length: 58:18 | Series: Life Verses

Life Verses: Your Word

By Antony Laksmono | 2019-07-28 | West Campus | 09:15 Length: 53:51 | Series: Life Verses